Our customized approach is focused in three areas:

Business Assessment

Business Advisory

Corporate Finance, including debt and equity financing.

Business Assessment
We start with our business assessment analysis of your company to identify value added alternatives.  We then develop an evaluation checklist designed to identify value added alternatives specific to your company that will increase shareholder value. These initiatives will cover different areas of your business including:

  • Strategic planning and business objectives including assessment of strengths, weaknesses and potential threats
  • Operational systems
  • Financial management, accounting and information technology systems
  • Human capital and accountability
  • Sales management including revenue diversification, product pricing and sales quoting systems
  • Product profitability analysis
  • Product purchasing systems
  • Marketing strategy
  • Expense management

Business Advisory Services
After the initial assessment of your company, an Action Plan is developed to address issues and opportunities specific to your company that will improve operations and performance.  Business advisory services could include any of the following areas:

  • Crisis management/ business stability
  • Systems evaluation, development and implementation
  • Interim management
  • Market analysis
  • Operational and financial systems
  • Management reporting and accountability
  • Growth strategies
  • Exit strategies

Corporate Finance
We also have expertise in corporate finance and can facilitate any of the following areas:

  • New debt financing
  • Replacement debt financing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Acquisition strategies
  • New capital infusion
  • Debt vs. equity ratio analysis